Keep fruits and vegetables fresh

Keep fruits and vegetables fresh


Modern people pay attention to health, fresh vegetables and fruits are widely loved, but fresh fruits and vegetables are not easy to maintain freshness, color, aroma, taste is easy to deteriorate, need effective and practical preservation technology for transportation and storage. This product is committed to integrating fresh-keeping technology, and the current technology masters the key principles of vegetable and fruit preservation, which can effectively alleviate the overripe rot time of vegetables and fruits and reduce agricultural damage.

Fresh-keeping labels

When using, the fresh-keeping label should be attached to the inside of the carton, and its substance can effectively slow down the rotting time of vegetables and fruits.

Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping liquid

Natural food extract can be edible, non-toxic and safe, spraying or soaking fruits and vegetables for 30 seconds to form a moisturizing and antibacterial protective film on the surface of fruits and vegetables, which can maintain the surface of fruits and reduce bacterial growth.

Fresh-keeping cardboard boxes

The laboratory develops a new type of carton, which is made of special silicate rock powder agent as the rubber coating of the carton, which adsorbs ethylene gas to slow down the ripening of vegetables and fruits, and can be kept fresh for a long time and suitable for long-distance transportation.