DNA paternity test

Most of the human appearance and characteristics will be similar to their parents, and passed down from generation to generation, “DNA” is the substance that determines the transmission of this blood genetic trait, and exists in every living cell of the human body. In the past, people used blood drops to confirm paternity and child blood, but now blood is drawn to compare DNA. With the advancement of technology, the identification method is becoming simpler and simpler, and Bowei Biotechnology has obtained the special certification of TAF affinity identification, using the most advanced S.T.R (Short Tandem Repeat) analysis technology makes paternity testing more accurate. Different from the traditional invasive sampling method of blood drawing, Bowei Biotechnology only needs to use oral mucosal sampling to identify paternity and blood relationship, which is painless, time-saving and convenient. In today’s increasingly complex relationships, provide convenient services to clarify blood and ethical relationships.