Genetic testing

Through SNP gene health prevention analysis, we can not only predict most of the diseases in human beings, but also help you confirm the incidence of diseases in advance, and promote health and prevent the occurrence of diseases by adjusting daily life or diet. Most diseases are caused by the combination of genetics and lifestyle and dietary patterns, such as the top ten causes of death in modern people, cardiovascular disease, cancer, asthma, arthritis and diabetes. Each person has different types because of their genes, and among these different types, the most variable issingle nucleotide polymorphisms(SNPs). Because different single nucleic acid polymorphisms will transmit completely different messages to cells, cells produce different protein enzymes according to this message, and this change will lead to changes in the physiological characteristics of the body, which in turn will affect long-term health conditions and lead to diseases.  Traditional health examination is to  check whether the body has diseases in unknown circumstances, and  SNP gene health prevention analysis is to fundamentally understand the tendency of an individual’s innate genes, predict the possible gap in acquired health, and raise early warnings and take preventive measures when the disease does not occur.